Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here we are... the Re-Grand Blog-Opening!!!

(Ok, so here's a little bit of background)

I've tried this "blog" thing before. I actually LOVE it.
I guess the hardest part about this particular blog, is trying to keep it strictly "business" related. All of my blogs in the past have been about my life (all inclusive)... so forgive me if this blog is only about MDJ (shorthand for My Dessert Jones). [take a look at my most recent, previous blog HERE]
Anyhoot, I figured the best way (and time) to give this blog a JUMP START would be because of Cupcake Camp LA.

This event will be the first large scale event that we've ever been apart of. Oh, yeah, we've baked and baked and baked. Served, catered and wowed! We've frosted, decorated and beautified MANY desserts, but never any like this. Not only are we baking our FABULOUS cupcakes, we'll be accompanying many of LA's top professional and amateur bakers (and I think the latter will be kicking some professional butt).

Stay tuned for more information about the event... I'll be blogging to you LIVE and in COLOR from The Music Box.

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